Project Description Project Description

Project Description

The Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament is a long-term project at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Lower Saxony. It fills a huge lacuna, as no modern edition of the Bible in Coptic exists. The project aims to provide a complete documentation of the manuscript evidence, digital editions of all OT manuscripts, critical editions of all OT books, corpus-linguistic analyses and translations into English, German and Arabic.

Aims and Methodology

Digital Workflow


  • A List of Coptic Biblical Manuscripts (in cooperation with S. Richter and K. Sandmeier, INTF Münster)
  • Digital editions (diplomatic & critical) and translations of the OT 
  • Huge corpus of digitised texts for the lexicography, dialectology and linguistic history of Ancient Egyptian
  • With cooperation partners
    • a digital edition and information gateway for the entire Coptic Bible
    • a virtual library of Coptic literature and manuscripts
    • integrated digital linguistic analysis and lexicography tools
    • digital text re-use and digital stylometry research 

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Digital Edition and Translation of the 
Coptic-Sahidic Old Testament 
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