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New Publication on the Coptic LXX

Just appeared in electronic form:

Heike Behlmer, Frank Feder, and Ute Pietruschka (eds.)
Digitale Edition der koptisch-sahidischen Septuaginta: Fragestellungen und Herausforderungen. Beiträge zur internationalen Tagung vom 26./27. April 2013 im Koptischen Kloster der Jungfrau Maria und des Heiligen Mauritius in Höxter-Brenkhausen. Vol. 1 (free download here)

The present volume contains papers of an international conference held in April 2013 in honour of the 75th birthday of Peter Nagel, the doyen of Coptic Septuagint research. The conference venue was the Coptic Orthodox Monastery Höxter-Brenkhausen, where the participants enjoyed the kind hospitality of H.G. Bishop Damian. This volume builds on the scientific work of Peter Nagel, reevaluates research results on the Coptic Old Testament and offers fresh perspectives for further research.

As additional material, the digital publication offers a video clip "Students of a traditional Ethiopian church school present their knowledge to the teacher" by Verena Böll.

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Posted on 7/3/15 9:26 AM.
Congratulations to editors and authors for this important publication!
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