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Kellia Meeting

Last week, we held a meeting with our project partners from KELLIA at the Heyne house in Göttingen. Our American friends and colleagues from Coptic Scriptorium, Caroline Schroeder, Rebecca Krawiec, Elizabeth Platte and Amir Zeldes were with us for the whole week to discuss the final outcome of the KELLIA project. We used this wonderful opportunity to also invite Paola Buzi and two of her colleagues, Julian Bogdani and Agostino Soldati, from the newly stablished PATHS project at Rome, to join us. Paola and her team gave an exciting presentation on their latest work and their future digital infrastructure. We are all extremely happy to have this major DH project in Coptology. We're also grateful that PATHS will continue the amazing work of Prof. Tito Orlandi’s venerable CMCL project.

As if this weren't enough, we were also lucky to have a few selected guest speakers from the field of Digital Humanities with us, so the meeting turned into a mini-conference. Kirill Bulert (eTRAP Research Group, Göttingen) and So Miyagawa (SRC 1136, Göttingen) gave a talk on Coptic OCR. Laura Slaughter from Oslo University presented a great paper on ontology and Coptic wordnets. Alberto Winterberg gave an update on the latest developments in the Berlin based project Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in CopticMatt Munson from Global Philology / Open Philology (Leipzig) joined us to introduce the CapiTainS suite for Canonical Text Services (CTS). And last but not least, Marco Büchler from the Göttingen Center for Digital Humanities gave a demonstration on his TRACER software for the detection of text-reuse. He also let us in on the secret of successful team building in DH projects. 

An intermediate outcome of this meeting for the Göttingen Old Testament project (and also for the Greek New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room at Münster Universitywill be the adoption of CTS for our texts (biblical and literary). Our project also agreed to provide the Sahidic version of the book of Isaiah to the KELLIA team to be used for corpus lingustic annotations, which we hope to integrate on our website later next year.



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