Coptic Dictionary Online

A digital lexicon of Coptic. Based on dictionary data originally collected by Frank Feder, Maxim Kupreyev and others for the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Structures and Transformations of the Egyptian Lexicon) and the DFG project Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC). Web application created by Amir Zeldes and Emma Manning at Georgetown University. For more information on the lexicon, see Carrie Schroeder’s blog post on the Coptic Scriptorium website.

Crum Coptic Dictionary

A digitized version of W.E. Crum’s Coptic Dictionary from 1939. The copy used for scanning originally belonged to German Egyptologist Hermann Grapow (1885–1967). Websites can easily link to an individual page of this dictionary via:

The page number may also inlude a column reference ('a' or 'b') to highlight the left or right column of a page.

Coptic Bible. A Select Bibliography

A select bibliography of the Coptic Bible for the Sahidic dialect. The bibliographical data is currently hosted on and will be made available in various formats in the near future. We also provide links to digitized publications already in the public domain.

Annotated Corpus of the Sahidic Old Testament

A linguistically annotated corpus created from our latest Sahidic Old Testament Basetext is available on the website of our partner project Coptic Scriptorium. The corpus can be searched and analyzed in ANNIS, a specialized search tool for Corpus Linguistics.

Manuscript Speculation Tool

A tool to make an educated guess about the distribution of text on missing folios in a biblical codex.