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It is a great privilege for me to be visiting Göttingen for ten weeks and working at the Academy of Sciences and Humanities. I am currently undertaking a PhD at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Malcolm Choat (Sydney) and Dr. Alin Suciu (Göttingen), after recently completing a Master of Research in Coptic linguistics. My PhD topic is a codicological, palaeographic, and linguistic study of the fragments from the White Monastery codex MONB.FI, “The Life of Paul of Tamma”. I have spent my time here gaining valuable experience and training in the technical aspects of dealing with Coptic manuscripts, as well as receiving helpful advice regarding my project. At the same time it has been gratifying to be able to contribute to the Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament project by preparing a basetext of Ezekiel. Many thanks must go to my first Coptic teacher, Prof. Heike Behlmer, and to Dr. Frank Feder for making this visit possible, and to all the team here for making me feel so welcome.

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