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Online Lecture Series: Material and Written Culture of Christian Egypt

We are pleased to inform you that the Digital Edition of the Coptic Sahidic Old Testament  research project at the Göttingen Academy, in collaboration with the Seminar for Egyptology and Coptic Studies at the University of Göttingen , will soon begin a lecture series entitled Written and Material Culture of Christian Egypt . The lectures will be held monthly by established...
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On an uncommon Arabic 'probatio pennae' in Codex sa 292L

Codex sa 292L, Oxford, BL, Huntington 5 is a partially extant Sahidic Coptic Holy Week Lectionary consisting of a first longitudinally torn half folio and another 36 folios. Apart from the main texts written in Coptic, the codex contains short Arabic headings, an extended Arabic instruction addressed to the congregation, and a seven-line marginal note written in Arabic at the bottom of one of...
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Hidden Books of the Coptic Old Testament

For my current research on the biblical Book of Ruth, I had to check the palimpsest codex Add 17183 in the British Library, London. This parchment manuscript with two superimposed layers of writing originated in the monasteries of Scetis in Lower Egypt and was worked on on two occasions: the original manuscript from the 7th century CE contained Coptic biblical texts from the Old...
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The Coptic Old Testament Newsletter

From Fragments to Books We're happy to annouce the first issue of From Fragments to Books , the official newsletter of the Coptic Old Testament Project. Published bi-annually in PDF format, the newsletter will offer reports and background information on the project and the edition of the Coptic-Sahidic Old Testament. If you wish to receive future issues of this newsletter automatically,...
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A Sahidic-Arabic paper fragment in the Michigan Collection

In November 2019, Diliana Atanassova and Alin Suciu visited Ann Arbor to sift through the several hundred non-inventoried fragments of White Monastery manuscripts in the University of Michigan Papyrological and Special Collections. [1] During their stay, they were able to sort out and identify some previously unknown Coptic fragments. Among those fragments containing biblical, hagiographical...
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