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Collectie Louis Théophile Lefort

It's a well-known fact that Théophile Lefort's famous photographic archive was destroyed when the Leuven University Library burned down in 1940 . Also lost in the fire was the library's manuscript collection, together with many invaluable Coptic fragments. Fortunately, by the time of the fire disaster, Lefort had already finished his publications of the Coptic material. 1  ...
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Guest Lecture by Dr. Ibrahim Saweros

Old Resources ... Modern Methodology: Athanasius of Alexandria in the Memory of the Copts Dr. Ibrahim Saweros, Sohag University DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow at the Seminar for Egyptology and Coptic Studies, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 2pm Tuesday 16 July 2019 Library of the SFB 1136, Nikolausberger Weg 23, 1st Floor
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Computerizing Handwritings

Computerizing Handwritings: Current Approaches on Historical Documents On a really warm day in Basel a group of doctoral students from Suiss universities met to discuss and share recent developments in Digital Humanities. The Digital Humanities Lab  represented by Gerhard Lauer and Lukas Rosenthaler and the d-scribes project represented by Isabelle...
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The Recovery of Two Parchment Leaves Containing Portions of Genesis in Sahidic

In 1962, the Franciscan scholar Gabriele Giamberardini (1917-1978) published two Sahidic parchment folios which contain Genesis 23:18-20; 24:1-24. 1   The previous year, the heirs of a “well-known Coptic scholar” (notissimo studioso copto) offered for sale to the Franciscan Center of Christian Oriental Studies in Musky, Cairo, a large casing containing 35 Coptic parchment fragments,...
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KOHD-Tag 2019

Am 26. Juni war unser Projekt zum Berliner KOHD-Tag eingeladen, ein jährliches Treffen mit Vorträgen und Berichten aus den Arbeitsstellen des Projektes Katalogisierung der Orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland (KOHD) und seiner Partnerprojekte. Das Treffen hat sich mittlerweile als eine feste Institution etabliert und bietet den Rahmen um Berichte, ...
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