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Coptic Keyboard for iOS (Repost from 2/18/16)

This post is outdated. An experimental Coptic keyboard for Keyman on iPhone and iPad can be downloaded here.

Apps for Coptic have been available in iOS for quite some time, but with the introduction of iOS 8 developers were finally able to publish their own custom keyboards. Here’s a little bit of information on how to install Coptic fonts and keyboards on iPhones and iPads.  

You have to purchase two apps from the AppStore first. AnyFont ($1.99) is little helper utility to install bascially any TrueType (.ttf) or OpenTypeFont (.otf) on your iPad or iPhone. The fonts will be available system wide in iOS, so it can help you with fonts for other languages than Coptic, too. KeyKit Customizable Keyboard ($1.99, with $0.99 in-app-purchase) is a full-flegded keyboard editor and customizer for iOS. I have created my own Coptic keyboard for the Antinoou Font with KeyKit. To install it, simply download this .keykit file on your iOS device and open it with the Keykit app. Then follow the installation instructions given in the app. Note that the keyboard is gesture based, so the behaviour is a little bit different from the standard keyboards built into iOS. Swipe down to get access to the shifted keyboard layout. On some keys you can also swipe up to select special characters like brackets, diacritics, etc. A keyboard chart for Coptic.keykit can be downloaded here. Please note that KeyKit does not support hardware keyboards.

LXX Workshop

From March 1-3 the Finnish Septuagint scholar Tuuka Kauhanen from the University of Helsinki was guest of the Coptic OT. Tuuka as editor of 2 Kingdoms for the Goettingen edition presented a new software allowing an automatical generation of the critical apparatus in the edition. We discussed ways and possibilities of a future parallel display of Greek and Coptic biblical texts with an integrated apparatus.

Nacht des Wissens 2017

Am 21. Januar fand von 17-24 Uhr die 3. "Göttinger Nacht des Wissens" statt, wobei ausgewählte Forschungseinrichtungen am Standort Göttingen allen Interessierten Einblicke in ihre Forschungsarbeit gaben. Auch unser Projekt war Teil des Ganzen, welches ich dort gemeinsam mit meinen lieben Kollegen Frank Feder, Malte Rosenau und Diliana Atanassova präsentieren konnte. Mit einer Non-Stop-Slideshow auf der Leinwand und einem Flyer konnten die Besucher einige spannende Details über die Schriftzeugnisse des koptischen Alten Testamentes erfahren. Außerdem gab es zwei Foto-Puzzles von antiken Manuskripten, welche einen Teil unserer Arbeit bildlich darstellen sollten, da auch wir versuchen, die teilweise in alle Welt zerstreuten fragmentierten Handschriften (digital) wieder zusammenzufügen.

Als Belohnung für das engagierte Mitmachen gab es selbstgebackene Plätzchen in ägyptischen und christlichen Motiven. Ebenfalls sehr beliebt bei den jüngeren Besuchern war es, Wörter oder Namen in koptischen Buchstaben auf Papyrus zu schreiben und dies als Erinnerung mit nach Hause zu nehmen. Alles in allem war diese Großveranstaltung ein riesiger Erfolg - laut Presse kamen 25.000 Besucher in dieser Nacht des Wissens zusammen.

Lagardehaus Visits

Our project partner Paola Buzi came to visit the Coptot team in early 2017. On a mere two half days (16-17 January) we managed to mutually update us on the latest developments concerning our current research as well as the next steps on our agendas.

As usual these days we devoted considerable time to explore ways of sharing in best practise and technology. It is exciting to learn about research that complements one's own work so fittingly as in the case of PAThs. A host of smaller and more ambitious ideas were exchanged and are out there now to be tested and further explored.

We are confident that useful and ground-breaking (to employ a more modest term) services emerge from our on-going partnership.

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